Patrouille de France!!

April 12, 2019 | AthensFlyingWeek | news

“Athos” bienvenue en Grèce, vous êtes autorisé au décollage et votre démonstration !!!

‘’Patrouille de France’’! The French Air Force’s, world’s oldest and one of the most disciplinal impressive aerobatic team, is taking part in Athens Flying Week 2019.

France’s flag, white red and blue colored, 8+1 Alpha Jets, are flying from Salon de Province, to demonstrate their 2019 brand new aerial choreography for their Greek friends. They are determined to continue their 66 years of glorious history, with a breathtaking, unforgettable, 20-minute performance in the clear skies of Tanagra Air Force Base on the 22nd of Sep 2019.

Who would dare to miss this event?

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