Important distinctions for Athens Flying Week at the European Airshow Council Conference

April 2, 2019 | AthensFlyingWeek | news

At the annual European Airshow Council (EAC), which was held with great success for the first time in Athens at the Royal Olympic Hotel,  from 28 February to 2 March 2019, there were two important distinctions for AFW!

AFW received two major awards, the Chairman’s Award and the 2019 Media & Marketing Competition. The Chairman’s Award is the most important award, with international acceptance, given by the European Airshow Council in recognition of the hard work in developing a small event into a major international affair, overcoming many challenges, both practical and financial. In addition, a great distinction followed in the 2019 Media & Marketing Competition, in the category of organizers.

These awards are important, as they come from the official international airshow organization, EAC (EUROPEAN AIRSHOW COUNCIL) and prove to be right both, the organizers and the hundreds of thousands of people who love, visit and enjoy ATHENS FLYING WEK for last 7 consecutive years.