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Where can I get tickets to AFW?

At you can get your tickets and find out about all the different types of tickets.

You can also purchase tickets at the entrance to the event space, on the days of the Air Show, based on availability in the category of ticket you are interested in

Upgrading of tickets can be done at the designated areas during the Air Show, based on availability in the category of ticket you are interested in.

How can I come to the AFW?

You can come to Air Show in one of 3 ways:

  1. Drive
  2. By bus from Doukissis Plakentias Station. Get your tickets from
  3. By train from Oinoi Station, and approximately a 30-minute walk to the entrance of the event

Where can I park?

AFW provides FREE parking, inside the airport and RIGHT NEXT TO the spectators’ area.  All parking areas are unpaved.

For riders of motorcycles, there is a designated space in the main parking area, with a hard surface. The path from the Parking entrance is unpaved.

For VIP, Seat & Shadow, and Spotters ticket holders, as well as the Press and disabled guests, a separate parking area is provided, through a different entrance of the airport.

What do we suggest that you bring with you?

We advise you to bring your beach type umbrellas, collapsible chairs, hats, suntan lotion, sunglasses and comfortable trainers/sneakers. Products you will also be able to obtain at the AFW shop, which will be located in the trade fair.

In the event area, you will find fully equipped restaurants with shaded areas, so that you can take a short break, dine, and cool off! In addition, there will be separate points of sale for drinks, water, snacks, and ice cream, to provide you with faster service.

Backpacks, large bags, coolers etc. will be inspected by security personnel.

Is an Air Show safe?

AFW places the utmost importance on safety issues. We are proud to say that, in during the 7 years of AFW, there have been no accidents. AFW collaborates closely with state and local organizations in order to safeguard the safety of spectators and crews. In designing the Air Show, AFW has faithfully adhered to and implemented its strict regulations, which were drafted in accordance with international standards.  During your visit, you will notice uniformed Security staff and, in order for the event to be conducted smoothly and safely, we would request that you follow their instructions.

How can I move within the event space?

The movement of AFW visitors is restricted to the areas blocked off with railings and/or nets and/or tape. The Tanagra Air Force Base and HAI S.A. are classified areas, and movement beyond the designated areas is prohibited! Please follow the instructions of the security staff.

Can I get near the aircraft in the Static Display Exhibition?

At the largest static display exhibition in recent years, you can take a picture of yourself next to the aircraft, with the fighter jet pilots as well as the world-famous aerobatic pilots.

With the permission of the crew, you can also board the aircraft and/or helicopters.

It is forbidden to cross the safety fence, wherever this exists.

Can I visit the apron of the aircraft participating in the Air Show?

The area where the air show aircraft is parked is restricted to the public.

Is the air show on Saturday different to the one on Sunday?

Saturday’s flight schedule is different from Sunday’s. Please visit the Program section for more information

Can I bring my dog or any other animal with me?

Unfortunately, dogs and other animals are not permitted. This is for safety reasons. The overwhelming majority of aircraft are noisy and very likely to cause any animal discomfort and distress. Another reason is to avoid the possibility of an animal escaping or getting out of control.

Can I bring/use my bicycle?

You can bring your bicycle but, for safety reasons, bicycles should be left in the motorcycle parking areas, at your own risk.

What provisions have been made for disabled guests?

There are special provisions for disability card holders!

They will enter the event area through the VIP gate, for easier and faster access. Vehicles will be parked in VIP Parking, located just behind the VIP area!

Entry of disabled guests and one escort is free, and we have ensured free access to the VIP area, to provide better service and for guests to enjoy the Air Show in comfort! Other members of disabled guests’ parties will be required to pay the price of the category of the ticket with which they will enter.

Also, we have taken care so that disabled guests are able to move from the VIP area to the static display using the organization’s means.

When will participations be announced?

Upon conclusion of each AFW, we begin working on next year’s AFW! The first thing we do is to send invitations to the crews for next year. As soon as we have formal verification, we announce it.

What time do the doors open/close and what time does the airshow begin/end?

On the weekend, doors open at 09:00 and close at 20:30.

The airshow begins at 12:00 and ends at 20:00.

Do I need to print out my ticket?

In all cases, displaying and scanning your ticket is necessary to for your entrance. At the airport’s gate, you will need to provide your electronic or printed ticket for it to be scanned, so that you can enter the event area.

Once you have bought your ticket from you will receive a confirmation e-mail. In this e-mail, you will find a link which will redirect you to your electronic ticket.

You can either download it and save it on your mobile or print it out.

How can I become a volunteer?

With one simple step! Send us your CV at!

For more information: Volunteer Registration

How can I come with the event's bus and what is the timetable?

Make your trip to the Tanagra Air Base easy and cost effective!

Buy your ticket at Then call Athens Flying Week at 6944500649 to state your time of arrival and departure in order to reserve your seat on the bus.

Specifically, the journeys for Saturday 21 September & Sunday 22 September 2019:
a) from Metro station “Doukissis Plakentias” for AFW to Tanagra Air Base, shuttles depart every hour, from 09:00 to 12:00
b) from Tanagra Air Base to Metro station “Doukissis Plakentias”, shuttles depart every hour, from 17:30 to 20:30








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