Patruille de France!!

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“Athos” bienvenue en Grèce, vous êtes autorisé au décollage et votre démonstration !!!

‘’Patruille de France’’! The French Air Force’s, world’s oldest and one of the most disciplinal impressive aerobatic team, is taking part in Athens Flying Week 2019.

France’s flag, white red and blue colored, 8+1 Alpha Jets, are flying from Salon de Province, to demonstrate their 2019 brand new aerial choreography for their Greek friends. They are determined to continue their 66 years of glorious history, with a breathtaking, unforgettable, 20-minute performance in the clear skies of Tanagra Air Force Base on the 22nd of Sep 2019.

Who would dare to miss this event?

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Belgian F-16 Solo Display DARK FALCON

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It is now official!!

The pride of the Belgian Air Force and mostly popular in Greece, the F-16 Solo Display DARK FALCON, is coming to AFW 2019!!!

Captain Stefan “Vador” Darte is promising to present to us moments of air-thrill at Tanagra Air Force Base, 21-22 Sep 2019.

Are you ready for this amazing display?

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Important distinctions for Athens Flying Week at the European Airshow Council Conference

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At the annual European Airshow Council (EAC), which was held with great success for the first time in Athens at the Royal Olympic Hotel,  from 28 February to 2 March 2019, there were two important distinctions for AFW!

AFW received two major awards, the Chairman’s Award and the 2019 Media & Marketing Competition. The Chairman’s Award is the most important award, with international acceptance, given by the European Airshow Council in recognition of the hard work in developing a small event into a major international affair, overcoming many challenges, both practical and financial. In addition, a great distinction followed in the 2019 Media & Marketing Competition, in the category of organizers.

These awards are important, as they come from the official international airshow organization, EAC (EUROPEAN AIRSHOW COUNCIL) and prove to be right both, the organizers and the hundreds of thousands of people who love, visit and enjoy ATHENS FLYING WEK for last 7 consecutive years.


Royal Jordanian Falcons

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Royal Jordanian Falcons are back and they are determined to blow your mind with their new and even more dynamic show flying with their new refurnished appearance aircraft! How many of you did you see their display during AFW 2014? Don’t miss them at AFW 2019!!


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German Air Force

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AFW just received confirmation from the German Air Force that they will be sending a Panavia Tornado of the 51st Reconnaissance Wing (51 Immelmann) to our static display!

Tornado lovers or not, you will be thrilled to see it from up close!

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An important distinction for Athens Flying Week

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An important distinction for Athens Flying Week during the successful 2018 Business Travel Professional Forum held for the 6th year by SWOT.

The BTPF awarded Athens Flying Week – Tanagra International Airshow and Mr. Panagiotis Podimatas, President of the AFW Organising Committee, for strengthening the Tourism Product in Greece, as it broke a record this year with regard to visitors!

More than 4,000 guests from 18 foreign countries and more than 60,000 spectators from all over Greece visited the 7th AFW, placing Athens at the centre of the aviation world for an entire week!

Relive all the adrenaline and the spectacular breath-taking views through the official AFW 2018 video as Greece’s greatest aviation celebration renews its date for the 8thAthens Flying Week on 21 and 22 September 2019! The first confirmations for participation have begun!



Swedish Johan Gustafsson will amaze us for the 4th consecutive year

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Swedish Johan Gustafsson, the Advanced Glider Aerobatics World Champion of 2013, will amaze us for the 4th consecutive year with his magnificent performance, piloting his glider. The highlight of his participation? The impressive nighttime show, as the sun would be setting down. He will be engaging to an aerial dance with the colors of the Hellenic sky in the background, while fireworks will be launched off his glider. We will be taking care of the music which will be accompanying his choreography.


Our deepest condolences

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Theodoros Vasilakis, flew yesterday towards his great journey, saddening the entire tourism and aviation family of our country.

The Founder and Chairman of Hertz AutoHellas and Aegean Airlines, leaves behind a large gap and his enormous legacy, not only in our national tourism industry, but in other segments as well. It is widely accepted how tremendously significant his contribution has been to strengthen tourism. A truly insightful and visionary man, he was one of the first businessmen who realized the significance of tourism for the Greek economy and throughout his business life he worked tirelessly to promote it, through his field of business. With the appropriate strategy plan and decisive steps, Aegean Airlines’ contribution to the increasing international arrivals in our country has been of great importance. A strategic plan, that Theodore Vasilakis and his family envisioned and designed, and for which all of us in the business world of Greece feel grateful and proud of, at the same time. During these difficult years for our country, Theodore Vasilakis and his family have continuously inspired us by showing that we need to believe in our strengths and capabilities of our country and those of each one of us.

The members of the AFW team wish to express our deepest sorrow and our condolences to his family and the hope that the path and achievements of Theodoros Vasilakis will set the example upon which we shall continue building the future of our country.


We are hiring!

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Marketing Assistant

  • job opening | 01.06 – 30.09.2018 | full time
  • collaborating with the marketing manager, internal teams, clients and partners on marketing strategy
  • assisting with promotional activities and communication plan
  • helping identify marketing trends and key opportunities for innovation
  • creating marketing materials such as papers, presentations, etc
  • providing administrative support to the marketing department
  • general office duties
  • writing reports, company brochures and similar documents
  • understanding company product and brand
  • meeting and greeting visitors at all levels of seniority

Qualifications & Skills

  • Strong organizational skills that reflect ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks flawlessly with excellent attention to detail
  • Very strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with staff, board members, external partners and cooperators
  • Expert level written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated proactive approaches to problem-solving with strong decision-making capability
  • Highly resourceful team-player, with the ability to also be extremely effective independently
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve high performance goals and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Working effectively under pressure
  • Strong planning skills


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising or related field
  • 2+ years’ experience working in marketing or advertising
  • Proficient level in English. Knowledge of other languages will be considered as an additional asset
  • Proficient knowledge in Microsoft applications including Word and Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook


Contact Details: Stephania Karkouli, 210 60 36 111


The pride of the Belgian Air Force, Dark Falcon, is now ready for demonstrations!

December 3, 2018 |by AthensFlyingWeek | 0 Comments | news

At last!!!

After several months of intensive preparations, both for the new appearance of the aircraft and for its renewed dynamic program, the pride of the Belgian Air Force, Dark Falcon, is now ready for demonstrations!

The Belgian F-16 Demo Team the most favorite of the Greek aviation friends, will star again at AFW, this time with Captain Stefan “Vador” Darte on the controls of the, indeed, imposing Dark Falcon.

Vador is promising to offer us moments of ecstasy! Are you ready?